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Terry Neifing provides individual and couples counseling in the East San Francisco Bay Area. She has over 25 years experience in psychotherapy, and is highly qualified to help you with grief, anxiety, stress, chemical dependency, relationship conflicts, codependency and many other problems.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your office located?
My office is located at: 1470 Maria Lane Suite 200, Walnut Creek, CA. It is close to Kaiser Hospital and it is wheelchair-accessible.
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What is the cost of therapy?
The cost is $140 per 50 minute session. I do not offer a sliding fee scale, but I do generally have a few lower fee slots available upon request.
Do you take insurance?
My usual practice is to provide my clients with an invoice, which they then submit to their insurance company. I bill insurance carriers when it is required.
How long will therapy last?
The duration of therapy varies widely. For instance, if you want solution-focused therapy and only want to work on one issue, the treatment will be shorter, relatively speaking. Therapy involving long-term, multiple family of origin issues will naturally take longer.
How can I get started?
After reading this website, please feel free to call me and I will answer any questions you may still have. We will make a joint decision on whether or not we can work together.
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